"Kyra guided me through an extremely difficult time with her caring nature and effective approach...she was very good at helping me to understand all of my options as far as treatments go. She is highly professional and knowledgeable, so she was able to educate me on the different choices of medications that would be the most beneficial to me. She listened and cared and I feel so much better - for that, I am grateful."

"4 weeks ago my life was just in disarray, 3 weeks ago, a bit better, today I started the first day of me again and gratefully better each moment. First it was the comfortable peace of her office, then calm by her absolute knowledge of what she was doing. I knew this was the right place. She is wonderful at what she does and helps you put the big picture in perspective patiently.I could not recommend her higher. This is an amazing NP who gives you back your heart, mind, spirit - balance. Everything I needed and wanted is here."

"Kyra is a remarkably warm, compassionate individual with whom you feel an instant connection. She has helped me greatly and allowed me to see the world through a completely new lens. I cannot recommend her strongly enough; there is simply no one better at what she does!"

"I have spent many years and have tried many people to help me to beat my depression and work on my substance abuse and I am truly blessed to have found Kyra! I was instantly comfortable and opened up and have gotten more in just a few months with Kyra than I have with years of others who were just doing a job. Kyra is a true professional who cares for the well being of each and everyone she sees."

"I have worked with Kyra on and off for the past couple of years. She has helped me to transform my life.  Her positive energy and sunny smile were always so uplifting.   Her unique way of making me comfortable and never judged, coupled with her creative methods and ideas have been a most wonderful journey. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel good again and live happy!"

"I have been trying to manage my Bipolar Disorder for years. Kyra's medical expertise and relentless pursuit of the best medication combination has allowed me to achieve structure in my life and a real sense of happiness that I didn't know existed. When I think about how much she has helped me alone, the amount of care and dedication that is given to all of her patients collectively seems unfathomable! "