Substance Abuse Disorder

No one wants to be an addict.Do you use illicit drugs or alcohol as an escape, to numb your feelings? Have you noticed that if you don't take your pain pills you begin to feel sick? If you are relying on drugs and alcohol to feel "normal", then you may have a Substance Abuse Disorder.

An addiction can develop for many reasons. It can start quite innocently, as recreational drug or alcohol use, or treatment of pain. Initially drugs make you feel good, even "high." Unfortunately there are many people who become emotionally and physically addicted to drugs.

Often people who use illicit drugs or alcohol build a tolerance to the substance. This means that to feel good, you need to continually increase the amount of the drug you are using. Once your mind and body become dependent on a substance, and you try to stop it, you may go into withdrawal. This can be extremely unpleasant and in some cases, dangerous.

Staying clean and sober is a process that is difficult to do on your own.

With treatment it is possible for people with Substance Abuse Disorder to recover from their addiction.

People with addiction issues often:

  • Are physically and/or psychologically dependent on alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, heroin/opiates, or marijuana.
  • Are in denial of the severity of their addiction.
  • Cannot stop using drugs on their own.
  • Hide their substance use from others.
  • Build a tolerance to drugs and need higher and higher doses to feel the same effect (high).
  • Are unable to maintain relationships and employment due to their addiction.
  • Report that finding a way to obtain more drugs has become the most important thing in their lives.
  • Feel ashamed about their addiction.
  • Lie and steal to support their habit.
  • Feel their addiction is controlling them.

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