Anxiety & Panic Disorder

Are there times when you can't stop your head from spinning? Everyone worries and feels nervous. However, some people experience a different degree of anxiety, which interferes in their ability to function. If your mind is constantly racing, or you often feel on edge, or scared, you may be suffering from an Anxiety Disorder.

Sometimes chronic anxiety can turn into panic. Panic attacks are a more severe form of anxiety. If you experience frequent episodes of shortness of breath, racing heart, numbness or tingling in your face or extremities, you may be suffering from Panic Disorder.

With proper treatment it is possible for you to feel calmer and more focused.

People with symptoms of Anxiety and Panic often:

  • Feel nervous and worry a great deal of the time.
  • Believe that bad things are going to happen to them or their loved ones.
  • Can′t concentrate.
  • Obsess about things.
  • Speak faster.
  • Are afraid to make the "wrong decisions" and are afraid to take risks.
  • Feel overly anxious around other people, when they have to speak in public, or to take a test.
  • Can′t get things done.
  • Feel like they are spinning.
  • Become depressed.
  • Worry excessively about what other people think, letting people down, not being perfect, or hurting someones feelings.
  • Need constant reassurance; doubt themselves constantly.
  • Feel helpless in stressful situations and have difficulty coping.
  • Feel overwhelmed easily.
  • Have a family member who suffers from anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Have headaches and numerous other physical complaints.
  • Avoid people and social situations to prevent feeling anxious.
  • Have panic attacks during which they feel the world is closing in on them, they feel completely out of control, experience shortness of breath, heart-racing, cold sweats, dizziness, and may even go to the emergency room thinking they are going to die.
  • Experience panic attacks while sleeping.
  • Experience panic attacks while driving.
  • Believe that there is something physically wrong with them.
  • Use alcohol to relax.
  • Are afraid of dying and death.

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