Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Did you remember to lock your front door? It is common for people to double-check to make sure the stove or iron are turned off. Most of us have habits that are difficult to break. Usually, these behaviors do not prevent us from getting things done. However, if you have rituals that you cannot stop, or intrusive thoughts, causing significant distress, you maybe be suffering from a condition known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

If you have OCD, your thoughts and rituals control you. It is hard to find peace. If you don't perform certain tasks then you feel extremely anxious and obsess more. Your compulsive behaviors are an attempt to make your obsessions go away.

Compulsive behaviors can include shopping, hoarding, eating, gambling, checking, counting, washing, and sex.

With proper treatment it is possible for you to regain control.

People with symptoms of OCD often:

  • Have recurring obsessions (troublesome and intrusive thoughts), such as concerns that they forgot to do something important, excessive thoughts about their health, or the wellbeing of others.
  • Have compulsions (repetitive behaviors or rituals, such as hand washing, counting, checking to see if doors are locked) which are often seen as senseless, but which they are unable to stop and interfere with their daily functioning.
  • Feel shame about their inability to control their thoughts and behaviors.
  • Feel anxious, especially when they try to stop their compulsive behaviors.
  • Are in constant turmoil.
  • Become depressed as they feel themselves losing control over their thoughts and behaviors.
  • Tend to be superstitious.
  • Are unable to leave their house on time.

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